Where To Find Investment Properties

Learning where to find investment properties is a must with anyone who hopes to develop a real estate portfolio. This is a particularly good time to find the properties to purchase at a low cost. You can further refine your investment strategy by choosing locations where there is likely to be an increase in value or an increase in the number of people in the area.

major cities of south africa
Major cities of South Africa

A place to find investment real estate is in the best cities as published in some of the national rankings available annually. These cities are ranked according to a number of factors, including climate, job opportunities, schools and transportation. As a composite picture, the properties in this classification might not be available at low prices, and they might not jump significantly in value, but they are ideal for the type of investor who wants longer term stability.

Purchasing bare land or even multi-family dwellings in areas where there is a current housing shortage might be a good use of your money. This is particularly true if the housing shortage is due to growth of population that is likely to be sustainable over a decade or more. People always need a place to live. Even land where zoning and regulations allow for mobile homes or recreational vehicle usage is profitable if managed correctly.

Although not everyone can afford to purchase investment sites where there are large recreational facilities planned, you might be able to take advantage of building lots or tax sale properties nearby. Look for possibilities on or near a golf course, ski resort or tropical resort location. You can generally purchase condos and set them up as vacation home rentals or rental cottages.

Pretoria Investment Flats
Pretoria Investment Flats

Investment real estate may be a good bargain where there is a solid base of employment in an area. For example, although the auto industry has been struggling recently, some workers still are looking for housing. You can purchase many properties in distressed areas using creative financing arrangements and turn around and resell on owner or land contracts.

When searching for investment real estate, consider all the things that homeowners or businesses are going to need to make the property appealing. Transportation nearby is a good example. Parks, playgrounds and schools are another positive group of features that home buyers look for.

Tax sale properties and foreclosure properties are a growing market niche. Although you may not like the idea of making money off someone else’s misery, there is money to be made in this type of investment. You need to do the necessary due diligence on the property to make certain you know what you are getting before you buy. Decent properties acquired in this way can be turned around for a quick profit or can be rented to provide free and clear income over the longer term.

It’s important to realize that you don’t have to stay in your own geographical area. You can look on the Internet and the satellite map software to learn where to find investment properties almost anywhere people would want to live and work. So long as you do the necessary physical and legal research, you can find properties that will boost your investment income.

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